Getting Creeped out by Big Data

Happy #throwbackthursday the “OMG I’m so OLD” edition.


In Tuesday’s class we talked a lot about “Big Data” and our thought on it. Going into our session, it was so intimidating this word “big data.” You see it all over the news but never really understand what it means. Essentially, it’s your online information used to track trends in what you’re searching and viewing online to “customize” the internet to your specific needs. For example, if you’re looking for new furniture for your house, you go to a website, look around, and decide that you don’t want to purchase anything in at that moment you can go on Facebook and you’ll see an ad for the same furniture store with a photo of the same furniture you were just looking at. Creepy right? Doesn’t it constitute as stalking?

On the flip side, if you’re a business owner you can use big data to help improve business by collecting this information from your customers and catering to their needs. A lot of big companies such as Target, Walmart, Old Navy, etc use big data to make constant changes to their floor layout and the “sales” that they run.

So what are your thoughts on big data? Is it creepy or is it something that we should embrace?


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