How much technology do you use?

This week we had the opportunity to delve deep into our technology habits and how often we use one medium over the other. I love me some Netflix, but I never imagined just how much multi-tasking I did. I realized that I can’t watch TV without my phone, or use my computer without my phone. I pretty much can’t do anything without my phone.

All of this self reflection has been a huge wake up call. How have I gotten to this point where my life revolves around technology? How is it that when I have all of these different devices in front of me, I have to use every single one? The truth of the matter is that technology has become a crutch for me, giving me the opportunity to zone out of my “reality” and focus on something entirely different. It’s given me the opportunity to be a part of everything and nothing, all at the same time. What does that even mean? It means that I can do so many different things, all at once, yet not retain a single thing. It means that I’m so busy trying to document everything for social media, that I miss out on what made that moment special.

Truth of the matter is that I’ve become so absorbed with what’s on my phone or in my computer that I’m missing out on special moments with friends and family. The fact that I spent an entire beautiful, sunny, Sunday inside watching Netflix and playing games on my phone upsets me, because I never used to be that person. I think sometimes you need to step back and appreciate what’s right in front of you instead of worrying how many “likes” a picture can get. So if there is one thing that I have to take away from this week, it’s that I need to focus on living my life instead of sharing it on social media.


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