What is the Internet?


The ever important question. What exactly is the internet? This was one of the questions asked in our class on Tuesday and truthfully it’s such a difficult question to answer. The dictionary defines it as  a global network connecting millions of computers.*  But is it really that easy to define the internet? I mean, is it really something that can be defined? Short answer: no. Long answer: how much time do you have?

In our class this week we had the opportunity to work in groups to discuss what functions we use the internet for as a communication tool, what our thoughts were on this Newsweek article (if you haven’t read this article, stop reading this and check it out), and of course answer the hard question of what is the internet. What really blew me away was how many different answers these simple questions could get. Some groups took a more personal approach, giving their answers an almost emotional tone, while another group was very mater-of-fact and listed the uses of the internet. Although all our answers took on a different descriptors, most of us used one word to hit home our meaning of one way to describe what; tool. The internet is a tool that we use every day. It’s a tool that helps us communicate with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It’s a tool that has become a way of life.

Looking back at the Newsweek article, written almost 20 years ago, it’s almost laughable how the author portrayed the internet and what he though would become of it. But I’m curious as to what will become of the internet 20 years from now. Are we going to be laughed at by students in a comm class about our thoughts and ideals? I can’t wait to find out.



1. Beal, Vangie. “Internet.” What Is the ? A Webopedia Definition. Webopedia, n.d. Web. 30 July 2015.


3 thoughts on “What is the Internet?

  1. It was interesting to see you put the emphasis on it being a tool. The Internet is a tool to help us accomplish many things. Think about some of your daily activities where you turn to the Internet… what would be the alternative to retrieving that same information if the Internet was not around? Encyclopedias. AAA maps. Weather chart in the newspaper…

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    1. It’s funny you mention what the alternative would be if we didn’t have the internet to turn to. I remember being a kid and still looking things up in the dictionary and helping my mom with directions by looking at a map. To think that doing all of that is almost obsolete, really blows my mind. What are somethings that we’re doing now that 20 years from now will feel silly?


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